Male Sponsored Contract Shooters for 2023
Kyle Douglas
Brady Hempen
Female Sponsored Contract Shooters for 2023

Contessa Loh
Lindsay Christensen
Delores Kosec
Newest Technology

This newest technology has fiber optic like edge glow.

Low Profile

Minimal flight interuption for shooting in wet or mildly windy conditions.

Super Low Profile

Ideal for shooting in wet or windy conditions.

High Point

Time Tested Mother Approved Archery Vane

Low Profile Parabolic

Near instant bond, all weather performance, lightweight, perfect for 3D, lower profile

Newest High Point

Superior Flight Stability, Brightest Colors on the Market, Unsurpassed Durability

Large Parabolic

The original vane that started it all. Great overall performance.

High Point Shield Cut

For challenging environments, minimizes crosswind interference, all around great hunting vane!

The gear you need to install at optimal adhesion or remove existing vanes.

We are now accepting applications for Registered Pro Level Staff Shooters only at this time
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