Available sizes:1.8” / 2.3” / 3.0”

1.8”: length 1.8” height .38” weight 4.7 grains

2.3”: length 2.3” height .43” weight 6.71 grains.

3.0”: length 3.0” height .43” weight 8.85 grains.

Available colors:



Griff-X field testing confirms superior strength, outstanding memory, and a near instant bond. This super tough vane has a resilience and ability to perform in all weather conditions. The Griff-X has a unique blend of proprietary duo polymer materials that makes them amazingly easy to adhere to any arrow shaft. Tough as nails and incredibly long lasting these parabolic low profile, lightweight vanes make them a perfect vane for all types of archery and 3d shoots. Available in 10 vibrant colors in 36, 100 and 500 packs