Best indoor vanes I’ve used , adheres to arrow shafts easier than any other vane on the market imo The colors are bright and sizes to match any venue . I personally like the 4″ shield cut for my I door arrows

Dean Moloney

Best vanes on the market doesn’t matter if your shooting large diameter 3d shafts or small diameter hunting shafts Q2i archery will fit your needs!

John Saunders

Unsurpassed accuracy and durability! You can’t go wrong with the Q2i vanes!

Jason Burton

I own my Archery shop. Since I put Q2 in my sales have doubled. Best out there!

Chuck Newland

Great vanes that stick really well and great CS

Matt Moore

Switched to these a few days before Redding and they are AWESOME!! great groups and flight!! I am shooting 1.75″

Mark Seevers

It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with them and we love their products.

James Freds

Q2i Archery makes the best vanes on the market and has even better customer service!! Great job Q2i!!

Kyle Steiling

Hands down the best vanes I ever put on a arrow. They stick extremely well and super durable. Colors are bright and all vanes are consistent from vane to vane and great customer service. Will be shooting these vanes for years to come you owe it to yourself to shoot these vanes you wont be disappointed!

Matt Pollock

The best vanes on the market! I have been using them for years now with no issues.

Mike Speck

The first time you open a package of Q2i vanes you realize their top of the line quality. The feel of them shout durability and the way they adhere to the arrows is absolutely amazing. I’ve tried almost every variety of the Q2i family of vanes and I keep coming back to the Fusion X-ll in the 2.1 for 3D league. For hunting I personally love the Fusion-ll vanes. The variety of colors to choose from is just another bonus of these vanes. After using some of the other major brands of vanes I can’t ever see myself switching back. Q2i vanes will definitely be the only archery vane in my archery tool box.

Bob Vigil

I love my Q2I vanes there bright and tough I shoot them indoor and outdoor 3ds I also hunt with them I shoot 2in raptor vanes for 3d and hunting and 3.5in vanes for indoor paper. There staff is also top notch and very helpful thanks guys keep up the good work

Beau Sheffield

Currently using Griff-X 2.3, they stick great and fly great, absolutely recommend these to anyone!! You won’t regret it!!

Genny Asbury

They have the brightest colors, they’re the easiest to glue on to arrows and once they’re on the shaft they will not come off. They’re stiff and will take a beating and keep going. They’re well worth the $20 it’ll take to get a set on your arrows.
After you use the product you have amazing customer service standing behind you willing to help with any questions or concerns you have. They love archery, but they love their customers more than archery.

Riley Arnold

Fusion vaines are the best vaines I’ve used and they bond better than any other vaines I’ve ever used I highly recommend them if you haven’t tried the you need to

Ricky Brooks

Most durable and easy to set up vane out there. No prep at all and comes in any shape or size you would ever need. These are the real deal.

Tyler Wahls

I work for the company whose motto is, “The World’s Foremost Outfitter.” At a recent event, I was given a sample of your new Zeon Fusion vanes to try and the results are below. I fletched some arrow with the Zeon Fusion vanes including Carbon Express, Easton Axis, and Beman Hunter shafts. Tests were with different arrow shaft weights, points, and both straight and 3 degree offsets. The performance was much more than expected. My own results are as follows; 1. Easy fletch with deep groves for the Goat Tuff. 2. 3 degree offset was not an issue and easy to obtain. 3. Each arrow was dead on the money as far as flight and hitting target. 4. They hit hard and that could be heard as they hit the target. 5. The 20 yard shot produced 2 robin hoods with 27” Carbon Express 250’s and all shot from my Carbon Element. 30 yard shots were dead on, and I could not shoot the same spot without hitting another arrow. 40 to 60 yards produced the same results. Your Neon Fusion vanes stand out in low light conditions without the use of lighted nocks. This is a product that will do well for Norway Industries.

I just got my deer last weekend. I used the Fusion vane on my broadhead. I have never seen an arrow shoot so straight on a broadhead. That arrow came out like a cannon and shot absolutely straight. I have been shooting with broadheads for 35 years and the Fusion is the best vane I have ever used. I told all my friends they had to have Fusions.

Mark, IL

Whether I’m shooting on the tournament trail or stalking Mule deer on a mountain trail, Fusion vanes have me covered. My archery career spans over three decades. In that time the Fusion Vanes from Norway Industries are the very best vanes I’ve used. Durability, consistency, quietness and stellar adhesion are features I demand in a vane. The Fusion Vanes exceed my expectations time and time again.

Marc S., CO

I just wanted to let you know that you have a customer for life! I am new to bow hunting and purchased a used PSE Firestorm Lite. I had the bow restrung and the pro shop inserted string leeches for me. I was at the local range shooting and noticed how loud my bow was compared to the others shooting around me. It had a pronounced twang when firing it. I purchased a Limbsaver front mount string stabalizer and it would not fit my bow, it was to short! I went into my local Bass Pro Shops and found your product on the shelf and decided to give it a try. What a difference, first off it fit! And the difference in noise is night and day! Thanks for making a product that fits older bows and works like advertised.

Virgil H., Kentucky

I jumped at the offer to try your fusion vanes this year, and boy am I glad I did. My broadhead tipped arrows are flying better than ever before, especially at longer ranges. Durability, quietness, and great adhesion properties are what make Fusion vanes the best. I have not had any problems with these vanes, whether I’m shooting them for hunting or 3-d competitions. Thanks for making a great product!

Jason H., Montana

We have been shooting a lot & having super results from the 3″ Fusions. I have one test arrow that has outlasted 18-1 target, morrell bag target, two 3d replacement cores and has had near “30” complete pass throughs on a 1″ rubber horse mat that I use as a backstop in the basement and out in our range. The Maxima 350 is wearing on the finish but the original Fusions show absolutely no wear other than rubber marks on the vanes. Unbelievable results!!

Mike C., Indiana

The (Fusion) 2.1’s are really working well on my Destroyer 350. They have handled the speed very, very well and really tame a fixed blade. To me they are the answer for anyone shooting a fixed blade head at speeds over 300fps.

Gary L., professional New Jersey

I have been using your 2 inch fusion vanes going on two years, and love them, I believe they are the strongest vanes I have ever used. I am using a 3 blade broadhead that is an inch and a half wide that I was told was good for close range shots. Let me just say I am shooting up to 50 yards and having no problem putting them all in a 2 inch group.

Chris B., Indiana

Last Sunday I had a top 10 finish. Rough day, but the best part was that while I watched others using “brand X” vanes have theirs get ripped up and holes shot through them, the new Fusions that you sent held up perfectly. I plan on using them at the state shoot this weekend. It was a tough course with a great deal of difficulty but we had a blast.

Ken T., Michigan

I just wanted to drop you a line saying thanks for the new vanes. I already shoot the Duravanes and know how good they are. I just wanted to tell you that the new Fusion’s are outstanding.

Scott F, Minnesota

No question about it the Fusion 3 inch vanes you sent me are the best vanes I have ever used. I fletched a half dozen 20 inch Gold Tip Laser shafts and set up my target at 20 yards. After minor adjustments to the scope, I moved the target to 35 yards. The first shot was a bullseye, the second shot was also a bullseye. So much so it was a perfect robin hood. I am telling every one on crossbow nation how much I like the Fusion 3 inch vanes. For field tips and the smaller profile broadheads with the crossbow, nothing works better than the 3 inch Fusions. I have pictures of the 35 yard robinhood. Thanks very much.

Larry, Indiana

I really have come to like the 2.1 Fusions. I hunted with them last season and they performed just awesome. Great Product.

David, North Carolina

Without a doubt the best vane for performance and price……the only one I am going to use in my shop is the Predator

Ohio Retailer/Crossbow Researcher Ohio

I have been searching for the best arrow vanes for about a year now and I think I have found them. Fusion vanes are awesome! They cut through the air so quick and fast and they always stay straight so I thank you for your product.

Tyler T., Minnesota

I just want to say thanks for making a great vane. I shot this Black Bear in Manitoba a couple weeks ago with Fusion Vanes. I really like the way the vanes fly with ANY broadhead and how easy they are to fletch.

Jason, North Dakota

I would like to start by saying that Fusion Vane has changed the way I bowhunt. I started shooting them when they came out. I had been having trouble with other vanes I used staying put on my arrows. I liked the concept of the rubber cup on the bottom of the Fusions. They stick better than any vanes I have used. I am now able to put a harder helical on the Fusions and this allows better arrow control. It has opened up my choices of fixed blade heads. I just wanted to say thanks for a great product. As long as you make them, you have a life long customer.

Rodney, Kansas

I received the vanes that you sent and I have given them a try. Well… you have made a believer out of me. I took one of my arrows and refletched it using my Arizona E-Z fletch Mini (also a great product). I went out and shot 5 arrows at various distances out to 80 yards. For some reason the only arrow that would consistently hit its mark was the arrow fletched with the Fusion Vane. I was using Brand X” before, but now you have converted me.

MT Enthusiast, Montana

I was really impressed with [Fusions]. I have never had to work so hard to tear a vane off.

Ike, www.ikesoutdoors.com

I place 3rd in West Virginia Bow Hunters Association high school state shoot this past weekend with a 313 while shooting 3D Duravanes. They performed excellently and helped me shoot such a great score.

Drew, West Virgnia

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Zip Strip tool. This thing is amazing! It’s quick and simple to use. I’ve fletched and refletched dozens of arrows using the Zip Strip and it works great. Taking off old or damaged wraps and vanes is a piece of cake. What I really like about it is that I can resharpen it if it gets a little dull. Congrats on a great product!

Mike F. Omaha, Nebraska

Recently I received some Fusions and they are awesome! I’d like to thank you guys for making the best vane I’ve ever shot!

Ty, Pennsylvania

The mini Fusions are awesome. I found them to adhere to the shaft easier, stronger and cleaner than anything else I know of. I will report more on the field test, but for now, everything is nice about them.

Javier, Spain

Just put a string tamer on my diamond bow. Wow, the only sound I hear now when I shoot my bow is the arrow hitting the target!! Thanks, Team Rush for giving me the recommendation. Great product. Will be sure and recommend to all my bow hunting friends!!!!

John H., MI

I tried your new vanes (Fusions) last week and the results were impressive as I gained tighter groups with your product.

Ohio Manufacturer

I have just a brief comment on the ZipStrip. When I opened the package I was delightfully surprised at how well the instrument is made. I tried it out and I would like to take this time to thank you for making such an excellent product!! It works perfectly, just as described. It is far better than I thought it would be.I have several other friends who make and repair arrows as well. I will be sure to let them take a look at my new ZipStrip. Thanks again for being accurate in its description and ease of use. Good work on your part and I will be sure to pass the word to my friends.

Daniel, MI

Thank you, thank you, thank you….. For the new string tamer, vanes, and the cool hat!!!!!!!!!! I was shooting my new target bow the other day and the string noise was driving me crazy!!!!!!!! I was still able to shoot 449/450 fita target, but that string noise was nasty. Now it’s whisper quiet!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the string tamer….And the new Fusion vanes couldn’t have come at a better time. I have to build some new arrows for some upcoming 3D shoots.

Scott, MI

Holy crap! I tried getting the 3″ fusions off of my arrows, jeez i don’t know if my knives aren’t sharp enough or what, but dang they DO NOT want to come off! I got it off the best I could but there is still crap on the arrow I can’t get off. I will get them fletched up and see how they fly even with the leftovers on it.

Marshall, IL

…just thought i would send you a picture of the buck I shot with the fusion vanes.

Marshall, IL

I received your 3″ fusion vanes last Friday and fletched them onto my Maxima 350 arrows, The next day I shot them and I am amazed at how well they flew. They are only slightly heavier then the 2″ Fusions but the front of center balance is better, and definitely help stabilize broad heads. My only problem is that I cant get more!

Gedas, IL

My team and I are working on our upcoming deer hunting video and I just had the opportunity to try your 2 inch Fusion vanes and absolutely love them. I would like to know if it would be ok to do a showcase of your Fusion vanes in our dvd and place a link to your company on our website? I have been a diehard Blazer shooter for years and after a friend gave me some Fusions to try, between the looks and the shootability I was sold. One great product you have there.

Tracy G, Indiana

290909055006.jpgI just shot a good Whitetail with 8″ brow tines in Montana on 9/12/09. Great over the shoulder video! Fusion Vanes and the String Tamer worked flawlessly as always!

Jason A, Michigan

I made some arrows up and tried them out. My first reaction was WOW. Very nice product. Easy to apply to the shafts, looks great, stabilize the broad heads nice. They worked out great. You have a winner with this product. I’m sold…

Joe P

I had a great hunt in MN for a color phase Black Bear! I got a great show done for next season, and had some good encounters! We start deer hunting in two weeks, will keep you updated! Thanks for all your support, it is a pleasure to promote you every day!

Outdoors Dan, Iowa

I don’t know if you recall or not but you sent me some of the new Fusion vanes to try. I have tried them and they are excellent. I have fletched some arrows and the flight is perfect and “no noise”. I have shared them with my hunting buddies and everyone seems to be excited as well. I just ordered another dozen arrows fletched w/Fusion vanes and all is well in Alabama. Thank you!

Rob, Alabama

I have been shooting a bow for over twenty years and I have never had a product surprise me as much as your Fusion vanes. I changed the field points on my arrows to broad heads for the upcoming hunting season. As with each new hunting season I was prepared to adjust my sight to accommodate the change in the arrow. I shot twenty yard “Bam” dead-on, thirty yards “Bam” dead-on… I was surprised. Forty yards “Bam”, I still did not have to adjust my sight. Fifty yards I was sure I would have to make an adjustment, “Bam” only off a half of an inch. I was astonished! Never in my career as an archer have I had this happen. The difference was your new Fusion vanes. Thank you, Norway.

Buck M, Ohio

By the way awesome product, put it on my Mathews Q2. Unbelievably quiet…. (StringTamer Senior)

Joe L, Pennsylvania

Here is one of the bucks I shot last year on my land, you can see the String Tamer on my bow. Been bowhunting for 37 years.


Ordered your String Tamer for my Diamond Black Ice Bow, it fits like it was made at the factory. Works better than I had hoped for, thanks for helping make my hunting experience quieter than ever. I would highly recommend this quality product to anyone who wants to upgrade their bow. Jon A.

Jon A,

Thanks for sending the Fusion vanes. I really didn’t want to try them, I thought they were too short for a finger shooter like myself. I tried them and they work great and no whistling. Thanks again.

Peter W, Ontario, CA

In the NFAA Outdoor Nationals, I shot the 5th highest score of 1685 in the Adult Male Freestyle Division, and I also won the Pro-Am Shoot. I won the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Sectionals in the Adult Male Freestyle Division with 300-60xs. I shot 23 out of the last 30xs inside-out for the tie breaker on March 7, 2009. I did it shooting 1.8″ 3D Duravanes.

Tony H, West Virginia

…you guys absolutely NAILED IT with your Fusion Vanes, a dream to fletch and much better quality control than “Brand X.”

Jamey H, New York

Duravanes™ has never let me down!!!!!!!!! They are easy to work with, there is no prep work to do just glue and stick, I have never had a vane fall off, they have a memory, and most of all they help make my arrows fly flawless.

Scott S, Michigan

I actually pushed the ST right up against the string and found it eliminated most noise. With the ST a business card gap away, the string still seemed to have some vibration related noise. Product is working great and I am shooting extremely tight groups for having not shot for quite some time. The ST has quite the placebo effect. Can’t put a price on confidence or silence. I ordered a second one for the wife’s Black Ice. Thanks again.

Kirk B, Arizona

“First animal shot with my Fusion™ Vanes! They are awesome! Thanks for the help!” Host of Outdoors Dan Radio KRNT 1350 am Des Moines IA KTRS 550 am St Louis MO Outdoors Traditions TV-Host KCCI News Channel 8-Outdoors Dan Segment

Dan Young, “Outdoors Dan” Des Moines, IA

These Fusions™ are a working vane! I set up a brand new bow and was paper tuning in a matter of minutes!

Chuck, Iowa

I have used Duravanes™ on my hunting and 3D bow and I think they are great!

Richard P,

As for how much I like the darn thing {String Tamer™}, it makes my bow so quiet it’s like I have ear muffs on. I even think it’s quiet enough to shoot these darn mice that have been chewing on my bow.

Mike B, South Carolina

Attached is a picture of the water buffalo I got last week, with the new fusion™ vanes. I have been recommending them to all our customers, and they sure worked out great for me. Thanks for making such consistently great products.

Bud A., LC/Bishop Sales Casper, WY

Been shooting a lot of tournaments with the Fusion™ Vanes and have been winning a couple too. I absolutely LOVE how they fly and can’t wait until I try them with broadheads.

Marshall W,

These Fusion™ Vanes are by far the best vane I’ve ever seen. We’re going to be using Fusions across the board; all my sponsored shooters will be using them.

Jeff, Gopher’s Archery Moscow, Ohio

Until FUSION™, we never had vanes stick so good. They are the REAL DEAL!!! Easier on me and easier on the customer.

Justin J., Sportsman’s Unlimited Waukon, Iowa

We really like the new FUSION™ vanes…..they are MUCH easier to fletch and will probably replace the Blazers in our shop.

Mark, Chick’s Archery Clarksville, IN

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I just got the samples in the mail and I’m really impressed and thanks for sending so many. I was hoping I wouldn’t only get three. Realized I need to shoot 4 vanes instead of three for better stability with my broad heads. I am really impressed!!!!!! I have tried Blazers (for years), Quickspins and St’s, Flashes and Vanetechs. I decided to fletch one of the Fusions real quick and it was amazing. Instant perfect adhesion!!!! I have never had vanes adhere so easily – all four went on perfectly!!!! I always follow what the manufacturer recommends and have everything to put a vane on per manufacturer’s instructions. I always get at least one that’s a problem child especially when trying a new vane. Not with yours; [they] went on fast and perfect!!! I am always skeptical about trying a new product and after many tests I know I need more vane surface to get perfect flight. I compared yours to all the other vanes I have and the surface area difference is night and day!!!! Can’t wait for glue to dry. Guess I should be mad because I’ll be refletching all my arrows with your product and that means having to buy more vanes. At least it will give me something to do with the long recovery from my surgery starting next week. I wanted to send a sincere thank you because I know not too many people do that any more. Thanks from a new customer.

Matt D., Illinois

I fletched some arrows with Predator vanes (from Norway Ind.) using Goat Tuff and Loctite gel adhesives as a test….they sit on the display counter with a pair of pliers and while customers have tried their best, the vanes are distorted all out of shape, the bases are still adhering to the shafts…..now that is some vane!

Roscoe, the Bow Doctor, MO

I think we are going to be buying lots of the FUSION™ vanes. We are VERY pleased with them. I stripped some old vanes off an old set of arrows and challenge every customer to pull the vanes off….they can’t do it! We have tested the flight too and I believe that vane is the best I have seen since being in the business.

Bill of Bill’s Archery, Paris, TN

I have a 2000 PSE Mohave set at 76lb in a 31 inch draw. This old beast has the hard rolling over Maxus Cams and shoots a 426 grain arrow 318 fps through a crono! I recently had elbow surgery and have had a heck of a time keeping my string from slaping me on the arm. OUCH! I tried your compeditors STS old style, Blew the stop back through the rod in 41 shots. What a piece! Returned it for one of their STS new models, deformed the stop so bad it will barely capture the string in 105 shots. Another piece!I finaly came across one of your String Tamers™ a couple of weeks ago and so far I am very impressed. Over 200 shots now and no sign of wear yet and my string has never even brushed my sleeve. And that’s a very good thing indeed. Although I wish I had known that you make one for shorter brace heights cause mine just barely touches the serving. But still so far I am a Happy Camper. Not as quiet as I had hoped but you can’t have everything. My question to you is how long of life sp an should I expect of the stopper given the velocity, strength and distance of rollover I have on my speed Demon. And is there a place up here in Wa to get replacement stoppers once I need them or do I order them straight from you? Great product so far I am very pleased and so is my arm! Here’s to one pin out to 48 yards!

Brad Harris, Washington

Dear Norwegians, Today my bow made an incredibly quiet new sound! “Thup.” I am amazed at how dead silent my already quiet PSE bow has become. I saw your product and thought, “What the heck.” Now, the loudest sound from my back yard shooting sessions is the sound of the arrow impacting the target! Oh yeah, I have loved the Duravanes™ for years also! Thanks.

Chris U, TN

I just wanted to say thanks for your help. I received the package of wraps in the mail last week and I’m already starting to build my arrows. It’s nice to know that there are still people out there that care about making the customer happy when a problem arises! Thank you for thinking that my business matters. You have a customer for life!!!!

Joe J, Alden, NY

I just bought a Duravane String Tamer™ Senior and I love it!!! The string no longer slaps my arm, my bow is quieter and I don’t need those damn annoying string leaches. Thanks for a great product, I’m telling everyone about them. They’re well worth it!!!

Will, East Texas

I received your package today and was very pleased with the replacement 4 inch Duravanes™ — They’re perfect! Thanks also for the 3 inch vane samples, I’m anxious to try them along with the Duravane™ Adhesive. Your customer service is awesome! Can’t thank you enough.

Jim Z,

I could not even think of shooting archery with any other kind of vane on my arrows. You are the only company on the market with vanes that have a memory. And that means a lot to me, like longevity and durability, not to mention consistent tight groups.

Scott S, Saginaw, MI

I got into archery because one of my buddies has wanted me to for several years. For the record I actually bought his wife’s new/”old” bow, an ’06 Parker Buckhunter 60lb, no speed demon by any stretch but a solid accurate performer. I went to one of your dealers, Eberman Archery, Bedford, Indiana and asked him to set up the Parker as I had already talked to him about a Mathews Switchback XT, but bought the Parker to get started shooting till the cash for my XT came in. I talked to Don and asked him for arrows that would group well, were tough and could be shot through both my Parker at 60lbs and my upcoming XT at 70+lbs. and I could target or hunt with, if I so chose. So Don set me up with 6 Gold Tip Ultralight X-Cutters with what appear to be your 4″ Savage Duravanes. OK, I have to say YOUR VANES ROCK!!!!!! I ran one of my arrows through my buddy’s bag seams and while heavily wrinkled and deformed they NEVER TORE even while removing the arrows which was by and large a major problem. Not to mention Don Eberman can glue a vane that will stay on ANYTHING in my opinion. So I figure the vanes were trashed and it would never fly straight, quiet nor group with any others. Was I ever wrong!! So I sat the arrow up against a post in the sun and went on shooting my other 5 arrows. My buddy’s wife comes out and we were commenting on the vanes not tearing (an amazing thing at that) and we started talking about the wrinkles and how hard it would be to strip and refletch and she picks it up and asks us why we thought it was so bad. Tada! It flew right where I aimed! It was quiet and flew perfectly. I still shoot that arrow and even have one with a small nick that still flies great and all 18 of my arrows will group as good as I can place them. My buddy has the Easton Lightspeeds with itty bitty blazers and I just can’t see those little things ever doing what your excellent product has. My next set of experimental arrows will be 6 Victory and they will have Duravanes on them, also. Thank you for your products that hold up and perform. Sorry this is so long, but when I start bragging, I just have to tell my story!

Ernest A, Loogootee, IN

I have had a very successful year and it would not have been possible without your products. They are the most accurate and durable vanes on the market.

Kevin B, High Springs, FL

Bought the string Tamer about a week & a half ago. I am very pleased with the results of this product. It really minimizes the vibration and hand torque. I highly recommend this product.

Larry M, Hawaii

I am one of your staff shooters for Duravanes and you were nice enough to send me one of the String Tamers to try and I love it. I would like to buy two…

Mike W, Morrison, CO

I am writing this testimonial to let you know I believe that the String Tamer that you sell is one of the best noise reducing products on the market today. Your product reduces string noise and oscillation to a minimum. Also allows you to keep cable angle to a minimum, which is critical to tune your bow correctly. I have done some testing of the DB levels myself and I found the results to be amazing. The String Tamer is also very durable and simple to install on your bow. This is a great addition to your already great arrow vanes. Please continue to make some of the best products on the market today.

Chuck Marts Cowden, IL

“I am part of a competitor’s shooting program but your product is a lot better than theirs. I have switched back to 3-D Duravanes because of performance.”

Dennis Chumley Hooks, TX

“Thank you for a wonderful product, your vanes are the best I’ve ever shot.”

William Fogle Waynesboro, VA

“I have had the privilege of being one of the first archers to field test the amazing Duravane 3-D vanes. They were then, and still are today, the most durable vane on the market.”

Fred Kober PSE Pro Staff

A great demonstration of Duravanes: “Shoot an arrow through ½” plywood, pull the arrow and straighten the vanes by placing near a source of heat…… truly amazing to see those vanes return to original shape!!! ”

Tom Gonzalez Colorado

“I’ve quit experimenting; Duravanes are, hands down, the best vane on the market”

Derry Null

“I just wanted to tell you I have arrows that have been fletched for 10+ years. I had my local archery shop try to pull off one of my fletchings and he couldn’t. He was amazed and now he carries your vanes. I only use Duravanes and have converted all of the guys that shoot with me. I simply hand them one of my old arrows and ask them to pull one of the fletchings off. Thanks for designing the best fletch on the market.”

Tim Turkovich Beaver Valley Archers, Pennsylvania

“Duravanes are the most durable. They are the least tearing and they don’t wrinkle!”

Natascha Milam ASA shooter of the year, Tennessee (15 yrs. Old)

“I am a 4-H archer that has recently bought some new equipment. After having shot the arrows purchased with my bow, for about a week, I have all but shot the 4” vanes; manufacturer unknown, from the shafts. My 4-H coach, Tom Gonzales, provided me with a new set of 1.8” 3D Duravanes. These vanes are proving to be much more durable and reliable than the originals.”

Nissa C. Ades

“The 3″ 3-D is the best shooting vane I’ve ever shot in windy conditions. Derry recently took advantage of some nasty weather and tested our vanes in a heavy crosswind. The 2.3″ 3-D’s did pretty well; groups were about softball size. But he was excited to see a tennis ball size group when he switched to the 3″ 3-D’s. He says we definitely have a winner!”

Derry Null Professional Archer, Ohio

“Just a short note to tell you I received the sample of your 4″ vanes. I am very pleased with their performance. I shoot through a whisker biscuit and they stand up perfectly. Thanks again.”

Rick Tomiak Thunder Bay, Ontario

“We switched exclusively to DURAVANES after trying them, there simply is not a better vane on the market. The use of DURAVANES has considerably decreased our initial fletching time, as well as our re-fletching time. We now have customers asking for DURAVANES by name. The ZIP-STRIP tool is the best fletching tool the archery industry has seen.”

Bud Aultman LC/Bishop Sales – Archery Pro Shop

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I enjoy your products. I shoot all the national and world events, and I found your products to be the best I have ever used.”

Raymond Daniels Wabash, Indiana

“Prior to switching to your product, I had problems with the animals “string jumping” at longer ranges. I later figured out that my vanes were making excessive amounts of noise which alerted the game prior to my arrow arriving. Since switching to your product, I have harvested several animals at longer ranges. The latest being a nice coues whitetail in December. Thanks for making a great product that gives me the confidence not only in the field, but in tournaments as well.”

Andrew Munsell Tucson, Arizona: Team BowTech

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Duravane for you support in the 2002 season. Your product is second to none and I’m proud to be a part of your shooting staff.”

Dietmar Trillus

“Duravanes are by far the most forgiving and most durable vanes on the market. I wont use anything else. I demand the best on the 3-D circuit and Duravanes deliver that to me. We sell them in the shop and people love them they try to pull the vanes off the shaft but once they are glued they are on for good. Even after shafts hitting each other the vanes still hold their shape. I want to thank everyone at Duravane for allowing me to be a part of your team.”

Dennis Irvine Columbia City, Indiana: Storm Archery Pro Staff

“I am loving the “Zip-Strip”. This is the best tool I own. I have tested it on every possible fletching using every possible glue, on all different arrow shafts.” “…the tool did a very good job at getting down close enough without removing the carbon fibers.” “Good Job, I am very excited about this product.”

Chris Fletcher

“I have been shooting your vanes for a while now and I just wanted to say thank you. DURAVANES have been the most durable fletching that I have ever used. I don’t have to take as much care when fletching my arrows because I know that they won’t come off. “I shot tournaments and hunted with 2.3 3D DURAVANES so I know that they perform and I am looking forward to taking them on the tournament circuit this year.”

Chance Beaubouef Tennessee

“I just wanted to say bravo for a great fletching. I have had fun with my friends, and the toughness of your vanes. They would try to get the vanes off of my arrows without tearing them apart and it can’t be done. The vanes are the most durable and long lasting I have ever used. I shoot at least four hours a week and they will out-last the arrow. I just wanted to thank you for the easiest application and most versatile vane on the market. There is no prepping needed on the vane. You just glue it and shoot it. It’s that simple! I can’t wait to take them hunting. It will make the season complete. Keep up the good work.”

Greg Pyle Semi-Pro shooter, Indiana

I shot this pig at 35 yards with your 4 inch low profile Duravane™. I was shooting a Goldtip shaft, with a 100 grain G5 Montec broadhead. I have never shot a flatter more wind resistant vane ever. Thank you to you and all Duravane™ employees for putting out a superb product!

Sean Moss Sacramento, CA

“I received a sample of your 3-D vanes and I really loved the clearance and the stability they gave my arrows for their size. So I ordered some from my local shop. Well, instead of getting me DURAVANES he ordered me some of your competitor’s vanes. I needed them for a tournament that weekend, so I took them…. what a big mistake. They were wider at the base and did not stabilize as well. There is no comparison….DURAVANES rule!”

Todd Snader Ohio

“After more testing than you can imagine for 3D, I’ve found the 2.3 DURAVANES to consistently group the tightest of all the vanes I’ve tested. When I tested vanes for hunting, the DURAVANES came out the winner again. I found the 4-inch in 4 fletch with a fallaway rest to be a great shooting combo to carry fixed blade broadhead. So far this year, in the Senior Pro Class in 3D Archery, I’ve had three first place finishes, one second, two thirds and one fourth with DURAVANES and still have the world shoots to go. In a sentence, DURAVANES out shoots the competition.”

Derry Null senior pro

“I wanted to let you know that when I installed my DURAVANE 3-Ds on my Easton ACCs, I have never once had to refletch them again. I shot in 6 field shoots in which I was always grouped with the best shooters in the state. There would be at least 12 arrows and up to 16 in the target at a time. Not once have I had to refletch an arrow. Also, I would like to add that some of my arrows would go into the bale of the target and would not be hurt. I never even glued the end of the vanes, and other competitors could not hurt them. Those arrows’ vanes look as good as the day they were fletched. I wonder if any other companies can make this claim with this much abuse on their vanes.”

David Bromlow Florida

“I want to thank you for putting out a product that can keep up with the competition. I have been shooting competition archery for seven years and am always looking for products that will be consistent under all conditions. I have found that in DURAVANE 3D’s. Whether I shoot in the rain or heat or even by chance have a shoot through, DURAVANES always come back to normal condition. Thank you for such an outstanding product!!!”

Tom Gonzalez Colorado

“I fletched up some of my friends’ arrows with DURAVANES I bought and they were all in a hurry to get to the pro shop to order more. I would only fletch one arrow for them to allow them to compare them with what they had. Not a single person went back to their old vanes. I LOVE IT WHEN A PRODUCT MAKES ME LOOK LIKE I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.”

Mark Herring Ohio

“I heard of your vanes through one of my shooting buddies. He was going on and on about how I should try them. Well, I did and wow what a difference. They really tightened up my groups at long ranges.”

Tom Hermann Mathews shooter

“I received your sample a couple weeks ago and used them yesterday at a 3D shoot that was the last leg of the MN, WI, and IA IBO triple crown. I cam in second in my class, but feel that if I would have used your fletching in the previous two legs, I would have come in first. My arrows flew very well. Once I got the hang of how much adhesive to put on the fletching, they went on very well. I am done with feathers and am hooked on DURAVANES. Thanks.”

Don Kne

“As said, DURAVANES are simply the best and shooting competitively that’s what it takes: the best. They’ve allowed me to get the speed I need and keep tight groups down range. One of the nice features I like so well about the DURAVANES is that I can fletch up some arrows with no prep, step out my back door and get the performance I demand.”

Quentin Cowdery Ohio

“Just writing you to let you know that 3D DURAVANES are the best out there. I have been shooting for a number of years and just tried DURAVANES out this year. I feel they group better and fly flatter and straighter than other top vanes on the market today. Keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to tell everyone I shoot with to give them a try.”

Brian Sheetz co-op shooter

“DURAVANES are the toughest and most reliable vanes I have tried. The actual vane and glue combination makes fletching much easier than usual; arrow flight with DURAVANES is excellent also! DURAVANES are definitely the best!”

Randy Daniels Competition Shooter

“I used to be a firm believer in feather fletching. However, you had sent me some samples of the 4” standard vanes and my shooting scores have increased average by 7 – 8 points bringing me into the high 290’s – 300 in our indoor league competition. It takes quite a bit to change my mind on these types of things but it didn’t take long to change my mind about the quality, durability and consistency of DURAVANES! I told friends and family that are avid target shooters and hunters about the DURAVANES – DURALOC system. Most were a bit apprehensive about changing over to this product until they saw firsthand how my target scores improved from the very first time I shot my arrows mounted with DURAVANES. They all wanted me to write to you and get some samples to try on their own arrows, so I did. Now they are excited and waiting to receive them in the mail. I’m very anxious for this fall to shoot “Old Mossy.” These vanes have given me a load of confidence to such a degree that I would not even think twice about taking down a Whitetail at 40-us yards. I just want to thank you one more time for a Great Product, DURAVANE – DURALOC!!!!!”

Ted Chaney Wisconsin

“Just wanted to say thank you for the sample vanes. I will be switching to DURAVANES.”

Victor Guarisco Maine

“I just fletched up some arrows with your lime and Orange 4″ vanes last week. I used three 120 degree left-wing helical fletch on 28” Gold Tim 5575s with a 70 lb. Draw weight at ~35 yards. I’ve been shooting for over a decade, and I got my first “Robin Hood” yesterday. Hopefully there will be many more. Thanks.”

Trenton T. Hinton

“We run a small pro shop in North Pole, Alaska. This year when shooting slowed down I was able to run some COLD WEATHER testing on several different types of fletching. I fletched an arrow with several different adhesives and several different vanes. The object was to find the right combination of glue and vane that would stand up to 30-degree temperatures. Although not many folks will shoot at those temperatures, I do have a few customers who do. Our aim at D and L Archery is to provide our customers with a product that they can rely on. Admittedly all the fletching was stiff at -30, however DURAVANES were the most flexible and the DURALOC never released. Some of the other vanes broke and more than one glue separated from the shaft. As a result of our testing we now carry DURAVANES exclusively.”

Lee Masters Alaska

“After the better part of a month of testing various vanes and shafts, DURAVANES consistently group tighter”

Derry Null National Champion, Senior Pro Division

“I look forward to seeing myself and DURAVANES in the winners circle this year”

Randy Chappell Mathews Archery Pro Shooter

“Customers bring their arrows in for fletching and specify DURAVANES – they are the best”

Gerald of Jerry’s Archery Bridgeport, IL

“I am currently shooting the 2.3″ 3-D DURAVANES and have had excellent success with them. I believe there is not a vane that is better on the market today.”

Bud Aultman Competition Shooter

“Thank you for these DURAVANES…they worked awesome! I took 5th place in the Florida State target in open class. We were shooting in a 12 to 20 mile an hour wind at 40, 50 and 60 yards. The DURAVANES worked perfect.”

David Brimlow Competitor

“Thank you for these DURAVANES…they worked awesome! I took 5th place in the Florida State target in open class. We were shooting in a 12 to 20 mile an hour wind at 40, 50 and 60 yards. The DURAVANES worked perfect.”

David Brimlow Competitor

“Thank you for all your help this year. It made my life as a fletcher much easier!”

Tammy Dolan Fletcher at Pelkey’s Archery, VT

“When you do as much traveling, as I do to tournaments, you need a vane that can withstand the abuse while in a bow case. I can say that I do not worry about this with DURAVANES. You can trow all your arrows into a tube or even use a rubber band to hold all them together knowing that when you arrive at the tournament your vanes will be the same as when you left. I also have yet to find a fletch that stabilizes an arrow as well and is as easy to fletch as the DURAVANES. Thanks, DURAVANE, for a great product!”

Kelly Schmidt Indiana

“What a great year 2000 was for me. Our Africa trip was unbelievable. I took seven plains game animals: Kodu, Zebra, Impala, Gemsbok, Red Heartabeat, Blue Wildabeats, and a Springbok. Once our archery season finally opened here in Montana, I took a nice 5 X 6 bull elk, whitetail doe and a 5 X 6 whitetail buck. All these wonderful animals were taken with a bow and arrow, and every arrow was fletched with DURAVANES. DURAVANES are by far the best vanes I have ever used. I make my own arrows, and they are the easiest to apply to the arrow. Their wide bases combined with the DURALOC glue makes a combo that is as tough as a gemsbok in the Kalahari Desert. My zebra shot was quartering away and I didn’t get full penetration, about 6 inches of my arrow was sticking out. The zebra went about 500 yards through some of the thickest brush I have ever seen. When I examined my arrow the DURAVANES were ripped and torn but the vane never separated from the shaft of the arrow. The only fletching I will ever put on my arrows is DURAVANES. Thank you so much for a great product!”

Keith Dvoroznak Montana

“We have been using your vanes for two years with great success. We have thrown out all the other vanes in our shop.”

Eric Schmitt West Side Archery

“A while back you sent me some 1.8″ DURAVANES to try out. Well, I really gave them a torture test over the summer and they came out with flying colors. I never lost a single vane and I had a lot of pass throughs and glance offs. Your vanes and glue are a wonderful combination.”

James Doyle Ohio

“Just a quick thank you for a far superior product! Your DURAVANES sent as a sample had me throwing every other vane in my shop into the trash! Using your glue, Duraloc, and DURAVANES cut my time in half and eliminated any hassles I had with other vanes. Thanks again!”

Brian Stedman S & S Taxidermy and Archery Pro Shop

“Durable and forgiving, on a recent trip to Africa, I shot through a kudu, gemsbok and a large zebra stallion with the same Muzzy tipped, Beman ICS 340 shaft fletched with DURAVANES. Not a cut or wrinkle on the vanes: that’s Marine tough!”

Don Dvoroznak Montana, Mathews and Scent Lok Pro Staff

“I first learned about DURAVANES at the TFAA State Shoot. These vanes are very forgiving, and attach to the arrow shaft like no other adhesive I have ever used. The weather in Alaska can be very unpredictable, and these vanes held up to the inclement weather. The shot I had was at 55 yards and the arrow flew like a regular practice point. Thank you for allowing me to use your product on a hunt of a lifetime.”

Gary Kovalchick Texas, on his successful caribou hunt in Alaska

“Yes, the DURAVANES fly. I use the pretty blue 1.8″ 3-D’s on an Easton 239. At 56 pounds they picked up 2 feet. No big deal by itself, but when every little thing counts, two feet is a big deal. My groups tighten up, too. I think they guide the arrow, but don’t grab the air like the vane thing I had on before. I am going to the big shoot in St. Louis the first of the year. Last year I came in ninth overall. This year with a little more practice and DURAVANES, I hope to do better. We love the DURAVANES at the shop, too. We can put more arrows out in the same time it takes to put brand X on. I can do two dozen in the same time as it takes to do only six of brand X and they stay on better. We can make a set of arrows and be shooting them in minutes, not hours, or even the next day, in some cases. What does it all mean? More money, less time for the shop; for the archer, more speed and tighter groups.”

Matt McLaughlin Ohio

“I finished first in the IBO Indoor World Championships, and Larry Smith, of Ontario, Canada, was fifth. At the IBO Turkey World Championships, Larry finished first, and I finished second. The IBO World Championships, held in West Virginia, was the last national tournament we competed in. Larry Smith was named the 2000 World Champion, and I finished fourth. DURAVANES helped us take three World championship titles this past season and we appreciate your great product and the support you’ve given us. Thanks again.”

Chris Kiernan Illinois

“…the only vanes I stock and sell are DURAVANES. They fletch much easier and hold up much better.”

Dick Borchardt Archery Adventure, Michigan

“I had a pretty good year; had some top 10 scores in the national shoots and did very well at the local shoots. Part of the reason for my success this year was from the support I received from DURAVANES and you. The 3-D DURAVANES were an excellent addition to my equipment. I have enjoyed using your product and plan on continuing to promote it.”

Dave Claasen Pennsylvania

“I won the Cabela’s National Championship in Nebraska earlier this month along with Shooter of the Year in Women’s Semi-Pro. Needless to say, I am thrilled. I would like to thank DURAVANES for allowing me to have such a successful first year out on the circuit!”

Paige English Arizona

“I am totally impressed with your products. I will use the 4″ red vanes during the 2000 hunting season and 1.8″ vanes on the 3D trail next year.”

Ron Gaines Hoyt USA Pro Staff, Easton/Beman Staff

“In April at the TFAA 3-D state shoot in Fort Worth, Texas I picked up a sample bag of Duravanes. Duravanes are very forgiving, durable, easy to install (no vane prep) and give the best arrow flight I have ever experienced. These vanes maintain their shape and adhere to the arrow shaft like no other vanes, and I have tried several different brands. I shoot the 1.8″ on Easton Redlines 360. Thank you for producing a quality product.”

Gary Kovalchick Fort Worth, Texas

“I picked up a sample bag of the NEW 3-D DURAVANES at the AMO show in January. Boy am I glad I did! I think these are the best vanes available. I have tried a number of different vanes and these maintain their shape and adhere to the shaft better than any other vane. I have shot through some straw bales and they have not wrinkled or pulled off. They are the best and I recommend them highly. The combination of the glue and the vanes make them very easy to fletch. They adhere to the shaft well enough to remove the clamp within seconds. GREAT PRODUCT! I will ask my dealer to carry the NEW 3-D DURAVANES. Keep up the good work.”

Dave Claassen Pittsburgh, PA

“To me there is no other vane on the market today that could even come close to DURAVANES, and I have tried them all. I shoot the 2.5 indoors, 3-D and hunting. I carry an old arrow with me to all the tournaments and get shooters to try and pull the vanes off (no one could). I thank you, Norway Industries, for an outstanding vane (IT HELPS KEEP ME IN THE X RING)!!!!!”

Gene Gehers Lawton, OK

“I like the narrow base because they give me the clearance I need on my small carbons. I also like the aerodynamics of the vanes. They give me the best arrow flight I have ever had. I know if I’m shooting 3-D or hunting, my arrow will always hit the spot.”

Mel Nichols Pro Shooter

“I put your vane to a test by putting a rubber band around the fletched vanes overnight. The next day, I took it off and the vanes came back straight. No wrinkles or curls. DURAVANE is by far the best vane I’ve ever shot…. Out of five local tournaments, I’ve come in first in all five. Thank you for helping me find the right vane. I shoot 2512 shafts with 2.5″ vane indoors, and I’m thinking about using a 2.3″ 3-D vane on a 2013 shaft for outdoors.”

Joe Hicks

“DURAVANES gave me the edge to win the 2000 IBO Winternationals!”

Paige English Women’s Semi-Pro shooter

“All arrows fletched by Nationwide Archery are fletched with DURAVANES. In our opinion they are the highest quality vanes available.”

Nationwide Archery

“DURAVANES are the most reliable, durable and uniform vane we have found. We recommend DURAVANES to our clients and use them as a standard by which to measure all other brands. I can’t say enough good things about the customer service at Norway Industries, makers of DURAVANES.”

Nelson’s Arrows